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GNOME War Pad Screenshots

The following are screenshots taken on the different stages of GWP's development. You can see its evolution into a more complete client with every new release. Enjoy!

Version 0.3.6

new finder plugin

quark plugin

scanner area

Version 0.3.4

distance calc


magallanes plugin

Version 0.3.3

game manager

plugin navigator

message reader

Version 0.3.2

Python console


ship scanner range

Version 0.3.1

message reader

Version 0.3.0

planet names

game manager icons

message reader

new ship images

Version 0.2.13

complete ship ui

Version 0.2.12

basic ship ui

ion storms

minefield types

Version 0.2.10

new ship display

Version 0.2.8

planet view without base

initial starbase viewing interface

Version 0.2.7

cool planet detail with detached toolbar

starchart with toolbar

hot planet detail with image

Version 0.2.6

online help

Version 0.2.5


starchart with extra panels

Version 0.2.3


Version 0.2.0

rst unpacker

game manager

Version 0.1.0


game manager

Version .svn

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