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What is VGA Planets?

VGA Planets is a play-by-email space conquest strategy game, it can be played by 11 players max. This game is being played by strategy fanatics all over the world for some years now, is very addictive and there are several servers on the Internet that host various kinds of this games.

You can learn a lot about VGA Planets from Donovan's site.

Why make a 'shareware game' client?

Well, first of all this game is great, I thank Tim Wisseman for his creation, secondly it's very cheap to register it (I think 5 USD) and if you don't want to register it, you still can play it with some limitations. Plus, because this game was developed for DOS, almost all clients existing this days are for DOS or Windows, and since I'm a GNU/Linux freak, I'm tired of playing VP with dosemu, it's just too slow! :-)...so that's my itch, I wanna scratch it as ESR says.

Actually, there isn't a GNU/Linux client for VP that I'm aware of, I know that PCC's author, Stefan Reuther from Germany, is porting his excellent client to GNU/Linux using the SDL library, this is great! but again, GNOME deserves to have its own client, so I started this project as an excuse to learn how to program for GNOME, and also to polish my C programming skills.

This software is Free Software, released under the GNU General Public License, you may copy, modify it and redistribute it under the conditions of this license.

Other VGA Planets clients

This is a short list of other alternative clients for VGA Planets, some of them free software, some not:

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