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Help Translation
Beta Testing
Artwork Creation
Bug Hunt

How to contribute?

There are many ways you can help with the development of GWP, you don't have to know GNOME programming, there are many tasks pending to make this project a very cool one:


In order to be successful, a software project should aim to a broad range of users, from different countries. This is why GWP was made in such a way that it's possible to translate different parts of it on any language, opening the possibility for many people to be able to use and enjoy this software. If you know several languages, you can help here.

Documentation creation

Any software need some sort of documentation to help new users to use it at its full potential. GWP has an online help that can be called from any part of the program, to aid the player to use GWP more efficiently. If you have writing skills, this is you opportunity to help and be known.

Beta testing & bug reporting

Users are an essential part of the development process of any software. They use the program and detect a great quantity of software errors, that if are reported to the software developers, eventually will be get fixed. GWP provides an online web system so that you can report any bug or suggestion that can be beneficial to the project. If you're an observer kind of person, and use GWP, you surely can help!

Icons & images creation

Any game needs a lot of graphics to make its user interface very friendly and fun. Unfortunately, I don't have graphical skills so I need desperately some cool artwork people to help me with the project, providing for it lots of nice, original images, icons, and so on. Do you know how to draw? how to mix colors? hey, this is your big opportunity to contribute to the free software community!

Bug fixing & feature adding

You know how to use the C language. You know how to develop using the GNOME platform, or you're willing to learn how. You've got an excellent idea for GWP, or you know how to improve this project in any way. So, what are you waiting for? you are welcome to develop GWP!

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