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GNOME War Pad ChangeLog:

Version 0.3.6 (released 03-01-2005):
  • Bugfix: Updated credits on "About..." dialog.
  • Bugfix: Fixed typo on PCRE flags.
  • Feature: Added variables to store host configuration info on the game state manager.
  • Feature: Added sensors sweep area to "scanner area" feature in a lughter blue color.
  • Bugfix: tax rates taken from host config data, they were hardcoded
  • Feature: New plugin! the Quark plugin is being written to help the player on maximizing the money and resources extraction on every planet. Thanks to Cristian!
  • Bugfix: Several problems on the mini starchart were solved, it's still buggy but now it works nicer.
  • Bugfix: Unowned planets with ships of our own orbiting it didn't showed the data on the planet. Thanks Cristian!
  • Bugfix: Several tax collection miscalculations solved.
  • Feature: Starchart now can be controlled from plugins (in a veeery basic way).
  • Bugfix: ship selection signal emission wasn't in the correct place.
  • Feature: Several enhancements on GwpGameState, including being exported to Python scripts.
  • Feature: Now plugins can use GWP's UI slots to integrate their own piece of UI in the main window.
  • Feature: New plugin 'NotificationArea', to allow other plugins to publish their own alerts to the user. Added some utility methods to PluginManager to get reference of active plugins, check plugin states, etc.
  • Feature: Enhancements on the signal notification system between plugins.
  • Bugfix: missing help figure, added.
  • Feature: Finder plugin enhancements! many ways to search through planets and ships.
Version 0.3.5 (released 01-02-2005):
  • Bugfix: enemy planets reached by scanners or visualized from orbiting ships send their data through messages. They now can be seen on the starchart.
  • Feature: added some code to scan messages using regular expressions.
  • Feature: Started works on a plugin writing tutorial, in Spanish...but to be translated to English as soon as it's finished.
  • Bugfix: "Close game" menu entry temporarily disabled...that feature doesn't work very well.
  • Bugfix: added some compilation checks when compiling without Python support.
  • Feature: new data type: GwpRace, to represent the various forms of calling any race. This was hard coded.
  • Bugfix: some code clean-ups on messages handling type.
  • Bugfix: error reading xyplan.dat file, one extra fake planet was shown in starchart.
  • Bugfix: Mining rate calculus corrected.
  • Bugfix: colonist tax rate was badly calculated when using Feds.
  • Feature: added functions to calculate the max number of factories, mineral mines and defenses that can be constructed on a planet.
  • Bugfix: native & colonist race chars functions corrected.
  • Feature: added functions to calculate the max tax possible to be collected on a planet.
  • Bugfix: tax collection functions corrected.
  • Bugfix: added race and native corrections to mineral extraction rate.
  • Feature: added i18n support for official plugins.
Version 0.3.4 (released 11-08-2004):
  • Bugfix: fixed problem with planet names being showed at any zoom level.
  • Minefields, ion storms, planet names, grid and scanner area are now managed in a MVC way and their status saved.
  • Bugfix: starchart centering worked badly when zoom != 100%
  • Bugfix: the game manager used to show a "turn 0" string on newly added games.
  • Feature: added constellations as seen on VPA.
  • Feature: Added Brazilian Portugese translation (pt_BR).
  • Bugfix: KOREx.DAT missing file warning dialog now appears one time per game to avoid annoying the user.
  • Feature: added a distance calculator similar to the one in PCC.
  • Bugfix: added missing ship image.
  • Feature: new Magallanes version, a much more complete one!
Version 0.3.3 (released 10-17-2004):
  • Feature: message reader uses colored headers according to the message body. (bad news, good news, etc...)
  • Feature: Added 'check' unit testing framework to build system with some basic tests.
  • Feature: New Python plugin architecture added to the environment: it features a plugin manager, a plugins menu, a plugin navigator and two test plugins (ship finder and ship list browser).
  • Requirement: GWP now uses at least autoconf 1.7.
  • Feature: French translation added.
  • Feature: German translation updated.
  • Feature: Spanish translation updated.
  • Feature: Plugin system can load user plugins from ~/.gwp/plugins/
  • Feature: Added some functions to gwp Python module for use within plugins.
  • Feature: A first version of the Visual Combat Recording (VCR) - which can now read the vcrX.dat files and replay the combats visually.
  • Feature: the plugin manager features an 'event hub' to broadcast all application events to its registered plugins.
  • Feature: planets and ships emit an event when selected.
  • Bugfix: game state subsystem re-written to be more easily managed.
  • Bugfix: several code cleanups regarding old game state structure.
  • Feature: the game state sybsystem saves the registered plugins list so that the next GWP run those plugins will automatically be initialized for every defined game.
  • Bugfix: iconlist on game manager doesn't segfault anymore when arrow keys are pressed. Also, hitting Return will open the selected game.
  • Feature: game manager was polished: game icon's labels show the turn number of every game, and its application bar shows the number of defined games.
  • Bugfix: annoying toolbar is gone, its functions were moved to the 'View' menu.
  • Bugfix: Zoom level corrected, now X and Y coordinates are restored correctly when zoom is not 100%.
  • Bugfix: a,w,d,s keys for starchart scrolling were changed to arrow keys.
  • Bugfix: online help now it's loaded pressing the F1 key.
  • Bugfix: online help now works correctly again.
  • Feature: online help was updated and expanded to include GWP's new features.
  • Feature: started works to migrate to a Model-View-Controller kind of design.
Version 0.3.2 (released 07-07-2004):
  • Bugfix: Warning dialogs according to HIG.
  • Feature: Initial battle simulation and GUI for VCR using OpenGL.
  • Feature: Added checks for gtkglext and python libs on build system.
  • Bugfix: GNOME & Glade library version checks fixed on build system.
  • Feature: Ship detection range added to starchart.
  • Feature: Initial Python scripting support: Python Console.
Version 0.3.1 (released 06-06-2004):
  • Glade version corrections for UI.
  • Feature: GWP initialization includes message history keeping.
  • Bugfix: new GWP users received a configuration format problem message.
  • New fedora RPM spec file.
  • Feature: GTK+ 2.4 compatibility.
  • Feature: message reader new layout, with treeview list.
  • Bugfix: KOREx.DAT visual contacts weren't loaded.
  • Bugfix: new users were having problems with gconf format version checks.
Version 0.3.0 (released 05-24-2004):
  • New ship pictures.
  • UI usability improvements: starchart panning don't need the shift key anymore, the planets and ships get centered when double-clicking on them.
  • New race icons on game manager.
  • Planet names in starchart.
  • Minefields, ion storms and planet names are toggled using the 'view' menu.
  • Planet names only appear if zoom >= 100%.
  • Ship Fuel usage and mass calculation fixed.
  • Starbase UI completed.
  • Several minor bugfixes.
  • Message reader implemented.
Version 0.2.13 (released 05-03-2004):
  • Ship visualization UI completed.
  • Character conversion from CP437 (DOS) to UTF-8 for object names.
  • RPM .spec file added - RPM package generation working.
  • Debian control files added - DEB package generation working.
  • Bug fixed: program crashed when clicking "play" button on empty game manager.
  • Bug fixed: KOREx.DAT now checks for uppercase & lowercase file names.
  • Planets with starbase have a special mark on starchart.
  • Compilation flags removed from Makefile that disabled deprecated features, now GWP can be compiled against GTK+ 2.4.0.
  • Unpack now generates korex.dat file.
Version 0.2.12 (released 04-10-2004):
  • Starchart placed on the middle when defining a new game.
  • All specs data files are loaded.
  • Developers documentation generated using doxygen.
  • Basic minefield visualization.
  • Basic ion storm visualization.
  • GDS panel info completed.
  • Lots of code cleanups & bugfixes.
  • Several UI optimizations.
Version 0.2.11 (released 03-15-2004):
  • Bugs on some ship cargo unload and transfer methods were fixed.
  • Bugs on ship data loading and ship on starchart manipulation were fixed.
  • Bug on the unpack detection was fixed, the path was assembled incorrectly so the playerN.rst was not found.
  • Unpack feature enhanced to store additional targets on TARGETx.EXT file.
  • German translation, thanks to Stefan Reuther!!!
Version 0.2.10 (released 02-02-2004):
  • Several code optimizations on GUI updates.
  • Planet and ship marks restyled.
  • Planets are shown as circles, ships as triangles oriented dpeending on their heading.
  • First implementation on ship data: right-click on them to check for their info.
  • Implementation of GwpLocation, a new object to group other objects on the starchart that are on the same place.
  • Several bug fixes on the new data objects.
Version 0.2.9 (released 01-25-2004):
  • Internal data redesign: planets, starbases and ships now are GObjects, part of a object hierarchy that will represent the entire data scheme on GWP. This will make very easy the binding to another languajes to treat this data.
  • This version doesn't add any new feature, the amount of work needed to change the internal data was enough to release a new version, the new features will arrive shortly!
Version 0.2.8 (released 06-30-2003):
  • Starbase data are now being loaded.
  • Starbase image shows on planet image when applicable.
  • Initial starbase view UI.
  • Internal data reorganization to be able to save game state.
  • Turns left calculation for mineral extraction on planets.
  • Starchart coordinates are now saved from one GWP execution to another.
  • Global Defense Systems calculation on each planet.
  • Some buttons were added to the toolbar, one to toggle the GDS panel, the other to show starbase panel.
Version 0.2.7 (released 06-23-2003):
  • Some bugs on the game manager were fixed.
  • Added toolbar with show/hide menu function.
  • Show planet image when double-clicking on it. The image depends on planet's temperature.
Version 0.2.6 (released 06-17-2003):
  • Added online help manual.
  • Some UI usability issues on the game manager were fixed.
  • With this release, now GWP website is going dynamic, featuring internationalization, and soon, automatic screenshots thumbnails, and releases download list generation.
Version 0.2.5 (released 06-09-2003):
  • Full planet data show feature implemented.
  • Extra panels hides and shows as requested.
  • Estimated population growth table.
  • User interface polished.
  • Fixed some problems with starchart panning (now it's necessary to press the shift key).
Version 0.2.3 (released 05-26-2003):
  • i18n support added.
  • Mini-map showing the viewing zone at the echo cluster.
  • Starchart & mini-map antialiased
  • Starchart panning feature (with mouse button1 and dragging)
  • Minor bugfixes.
Version 0.2.1 (released 05-22-2003):
  • Lots of memory leaks fixed!!!
Version 0.2.0 (released 05-18-2003):
  • Some bugfixes
  • Some UI enhancements
  • RST unpack support
Version 0.1.0 (released 05-11-2003):
  • Very basic game manager, it needs to have all filenames in lowercase (a script to force this is in the way...)
  • Starchart visor, very incomplete: it can be viewed the planets and ships, and planet data, nothing more...well, what do you want for the very first release? :-)

2003 - 2006 Lucas Di Pentima